Refrigeration –SJU Smart Care Performance Check Program

Pro-active maintenance helps keep equipment running at optimum efficiency and limits the number of breakdowns at a location. Specific challenges arise for all equipment types that require extra attention. Refrigerators and coolers can challenge operators in several different ways

Customer Operating Challenges:

  • Clogged or blocked condensers cause increased energy consumption and trouble in maintaining temperature.
  • Debris caught in the condenser or evaporator fan causes serious damage to the unit.
  • Poor gasket sealing can result in a loss of cooling, increasing energy consumption and food safety risks.

The SJU Solution:

SJU Smart Care Performance Check Program

  • Clean and check all condenser and evaporator coils.
  • Check door gaskets and all door hinges for proper seal and operating.
  • Check temperature of compressor discharge line to ensure operating temperature is within specification.
  • Check amperage and voltage to name plate specifications.

And More

  • On-site kitchen staff training on regular cleaning procedures.
  • Same Day Service for emergency repairs.

Reach-in, Walk-in Cooler / Freezers