Combi Oven / Steamer – SJU Smart Care Performance Check Program

Performing regular maintenance on equipment can help commercial appliances run more efficiently and also significantly extend the life of the equipment. Specific challenges arise for all equipment types that require extra attention. Combi ovens / steamers, with the high cost invested in them, present unique issues to operators.

Customer Operating Challenges:

  • Scale buildup in the steam generator results in operating inefficiencies, longer cook/recovery times and long-term damage to the steamer.
  • Temperature probes are covered in scale and do not allow the unit to heat properly.
  • Moisture penetration that causes electrical failures on fans, lights, or timers.

The SJU Solution:

SJU Smart Care Performance Check Program

  • Descale boiler and clean probes.
  • Timer calibration or replacement.
  • Check on electric element to avoid power failures.
  • Change out water filters regularly.

And More

  • On-site kitchen staff training on regular cleaning procedures.
  • Same Day Service for emergency repairs.

Combi Oven / Steamers