Fryer – SJU Smart Care Performance Check Program

Scheduled maintenance on commercial appliances can lead to higher efficiencies and also significantly extend the life of the equipment. Specific challenges arise for all equipment types and each requires additional attention in a different way. The heavy usage and oil issues on fryers present unique problems to foodservice managers.

Customer Operating Challenges:

  • Damage to the thermocouple and thermopile can lead to inaccurate frying temperatures, resulting in inconsistent food quality and/or short cooking oil life.
  • Moisture and grease build-up within electronic controls causing premature fryer failures.
  • Inefficient oil filtration systems leading to accelerated oil breakdowns and waste.

The SJU Solution:SJU Smart Care Performance Check Program

  • Check all common failure points such as electric element voltage, contactor voltage, thermocouple integrity, and the voltage of other areas where power may be failing.
  • A thorough check and clean of oil filtration system to fully realize its benefits.

And More

  • On-site kitchen staff training on regular cleaning procedures.
  • Same Day Service for emergency repairs.